Here’s what people have to say about Memoir Writing with Lyn

Here’s what people have to say about Memoir Writing with Lyn

I loved this class. One day my internet was down, so I sat in my cold, dark car so I wouldn’t miss it. The class was very positive and uplifting. It gave me confidence in what I wanted to write and motivated me to get started.

Lyn has been an excellent teacher in our Memoir Writing class. She knows the subject well and her ability to anticipate our issues was most amazing. She taught us the techniques, encouraged us to practice and provide constructive feedback after each assignment. I am very thankful to have the opportunity learning from Lyn and am planning to apply several tools in my writings.

I really enjoyed the memoir class and can’t believe how mining stories from my past can lead to self-discovery.

Your class came at a time when I was just beginning to take steps to write something about myself for my children and grandchildren. I thought – I’d better start now. I wasn't sure what to include and leave out. The class helped me focus on topics and to reveal my true self. Those memories that popped up in the process of doing your assignments told us something about ourselves. I always thought I had no legacy or turning points in my life. Thank you for helping me find them.

I’ve taken two memoir-writing classes with Lyn. Those in our class enjoyed learning about each other so much, and Lyn shaped our efforts with structured assignments and encouragement. I recommend -- and commend -- Lyn for keeping us inspired.

Lyn’s class motivated me to create meaningful memories, search for life’s purpose and think about the future. I was able to develop an interest in journaling as well as confidence in writing my travel stories.

What a terrific class! In Lyn Christenson’s Memoir Writing class, Lyn was able to create structure, and provide encouragement and motivation in writing our memoirs. What a talent to be able to lead a class and have each participant find great personal satisfaction and document wonderful memories. Thank you, Lyn

Lyn’s class appealed to me because I hoped it would provide a structure for me to finally begin writing the story of my life. I rapidly learned to focus on single events that, with guidance and encouragement, allowed me to pass on to my grandchildren that which helped shape my life.

I will be forever grateful that I took Lyn’s memoir writing class. Her assignments inspired me to identify and write about life-changing realizations I’ve had. For years I worked in careers that didn’t fit me. Finally, I found a career that fit my strengths and my disposition, and allowed me to help people clarify their life issues and approach to solving problems. Looking back on these life events through memoir writing has helped me open up new conversations about life direction with my college-age grandchildren. These conversations have been very valuable and significant to our family.

It was a true pleasure learning the building blocks of memoir from Lyn. I came away from the class with a deeper reflection on my personal journey and a collection of essays that will be special to my family.

Thank you very much for teaching the class. I learned and enjoyed myself. It helped me put my own work into better perspective.

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Lyn is a high impact coach due to her insightful empathy, personal commitment to wellness, and wide professional experience across both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Her professional background in communications enables her to translate both individual experiences and corporate challenges to actionable goals.

She is a thoughtful listener whose approach to coaching is to build trust, listen carefully, elicit core values, and guide clients to a plan which best matches their own needs. Finally, she is committed to collaborating with clients to create focused and flexible plans, leading to success. I recommend her highly.

Lyn builds trust and strong relationships with her clients by being an excellent listener and giving others confidence. She meets people where they are, and seeks to understand a client’s issues and goals and customizes her advice accordingly.

Lyn is a valuable advisor, combining a strategic perspective with a caring and straight forward practicality that will inspire and motivate you.

Now I know what I need to do to build a personal legacy. She builds trust and strong relationships with her clients, and we were able to objectively explore areas where more preparation was needed, so I can transition to be at my best in my next lifestage.