Transition to a new retirement lifestyle

Preparation for retirement includes a financial plan, but retirement is more than leaving a career and living off savings.  You may have several more decades to pursue new interests and build a personal legacy. Start your transition with valuable insights from the Retirement Success Profile or Life Options Profile and a tailored retirement lifestyle plan.  

We work with clients to plan a transition to a new retirement lifestyle – one that can be built around part time or volunteer work and meaningful leisure, with emphasis on enabling an active lifestyle through maintaining health and wellness.
Get a snapshot of your retirement readiness through broadly validated assessments for individuals and groups. Investigate new fields of interest, or those you left behind in the past for lack of time. Enhance your health and wellness – and thus your ability to pursue your retirement dreams – through activities that energize you. Explore the power of leisure – to expand your horizons and add to your quality of life. And build and strengthen important relationships and alliances, contributing to a lasting personal legacy.

Those planning for retirement or in transition, and those who have recently retired. Speciality services for women in science and technology.


For Groups

For financial planning firms and/or their clients who have completed financial pre-retirement planning, and for organizations introducing their staff to the benefits of non-financial retirement planning.

Online assessments include the Retirement Success Profile for individuals and Life Options Profile for groups.  These focus on success factors for a meaningful retirement, and include informative and actionable personalized reports.

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