Writing and talking about your life story

Writing and talking about your life story as an older adult can enhance your life

If you are an older adult, you have important life stories to share. Our Guided Autobiography classes help you get started, through a research-validated technique developed specifically for older adults.

Guided Autobiography has helped people document their life stories for more than 50 years, using writing prompts and guided discussions. The program helped establish the importance of life review and personal narrative in promoting healthy aging. GAB was first developed in the 1960s at the University of Southern California as a program for older adults. It influenced the development of other interventions and programs aimed at promoting resilience and well-being in this important and growing part of today’s populations.

In GAB sessions, you can:

Experienced workshop leader Lyn Christenson guides you through class sessions. Classes run four to six weeks throughout the year, or can be tailored to the needs of your specific group. No prior writing experience needed.