Prepare for your transition to retirement with our personalized Retirement Success Profile assessment and lifestyle plan coaching.  


Are you in pre-retirement or in transition? Are you in retirement, with too much time on your hands or a calendar that is busy but lacks meaning? Have you had a recent life transition event such as divorce or death of a partner?

Personal coaching can bring information, focus and clarity, with curated options as you decide your path forward.

Topics include post-retirement options for replacement of fulltime work, health and wellness, meaningful leisure and building a non-financial legacy with personal meaning. Sessions are by phone weekly, in four or eight week packages.

Women in Science and Tech

Are you looking for new challenges?  Do you want to follow a new passion beyond your long-time career path? Will retirement happen TO you?  Tap into our decades of experience working with science and technology professionals across many career stages.

One-on-one coaching can give you data and perspective as you plan your next steps.

Whether you are ready to retire or still thinking about it, we can examine future options and work together to bring things into focus.  Sessions are by phone weekly, in four or eight week packages.

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