Retirement Assessments

Retirement Success Profile & Life Options Profile assessments

Proven, validated assessment tools that provide clarity and a framework for retirement planning and personal coaching

The Retirement Success Profile and Life Options Profile assessments are offered as part of coaching packages or workshops. These proven tools use your responses to carefully structured questions to generate substantive, personalized reports with valuable insights and perspective on retirement readiness. These assessments contribute to development of actionable retirement lifestyle plans.

Retirement Success Profile

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An individual assessment of 15 success factors contributing to a meaningful retirement. Provides valuable information about areas where participants are adequately prepared and areas requiring more attention. Assessment includes a personalized report useful for further planning on retirement readiness.

Life Options Profile

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An assessment tool that provides results on six areas of retirement readiness. Participants receive a personalized report which can offer actionable insights for retirement preparation. Useful for individuals planning retirement and organizations interested in providing an additional health and wellness program.

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Assessment and insights package

Retirement Linkages

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Complete the Retirement Success Profile or Life Options Profile and follow up with a 90 minute personal insights session with Lyn. A great place to start thinking about your retirement happiness.

Four week individual coaching package

Retirement Linkages

4 Weekly Scheduled Sessions

We meet weekly, uncovering your essential retirement readiness topics. Using our retirement building blocks we discover what matters to you. Already retired people may benefit most from these refocus sessions.

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When planning for retirement, there’s a tendency to focus just on the financial side — “Will I have enough money to do what I want to do?" — without thinking adequately about "What is it I WANT to do?” Lyn’s process helped me sort through the emotional, intellectual, political, spiritual and family sides of my life. As a result, I was able to formulate a plan for how to make room for each important piece. I discovered that my priorities for retirement were rather different than what I would have assumed in the beginning. I would highly recommend working with Lyn!

Lyn is a high impact coach due to her insightful empathy, personal commitment to wellness, and wide professional experience across both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Her professional background in communications enables her to translate both individual experiences and corporate challenges to actionable goals.

She is a thoughtful listener whose approach to coaching is to build trust, listen carefully, elicit core values, and guide clients to a plan which best matches their own needs. Finally, she is committed to collaborating with clients to create focused and flexible plans, leading to success. I recommend her highly.

Lyn Christenson knows how to guide you when you’re ready... After doing her preliminary self-assessment, I learned with Lyn’s help that I lacked a solid financial plan for my future. Instead of plunging ahead with her program, I took a step back and pivoted to create that critical financial plan to underpin all my other goals for retirement. With that in place, Lyn’s guidance is invaluable. She has the perspective to recognize what it takes to have a meaningful retirement and guides each client at their pace and when they’re ready. And she’s compassionate, practical and encouraging in the process.

We are all used to thinking of retirement planning as strictly financial. Over time, there has been a shift in mindset. We must consider other parts of retirement, such as finding happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose. Lyn coaches clients through making the best decisions for their own particular situations in retirement - how would we like to spend our time if we had more of it? And it’s not too early for those in their 30s and 40s to begin considering it. Thanks to Lyn for ensuring we all think about this important subject.

Many of us will live several decades after our traditional working life, but we often arrive at retirement with little idea about how to use this time well. Lyn Christenson will make your planning a pleasure by offering you a clear and interactive planning process that will guide you to make full use of this exciting new time.

Lyn builds trust and strong relationships with her clients by being an excellent listener and giving others confidence. She meets people where they are, and seeks to understand a client’s issues and goals and customizes her advice accordingly.

Lyn is a valuable advisor, combining a strategic perspective with a caring and straight forward practicality that will inspire and motivate you.

Using her natural coaching skills, her training and her easy manner, Lyn guided me through an enjoyable deep dive into reflections on what I want the next 30 years of my life to look like. Then together we successfully crafted a roadmap to assure that my retirement years would be as full and fulfilling as the rest of my life has been. Her time-tested tools and keen insights helped me to focus on the areas of retirement that I had not planned - the nonfinancial parts. Where did I want to live? How would I balance my time? Who did I want to spend time with? Where would I travel? How would I stay healthy? What personal legacy did I want to leave? I highly recommend Lyn’s thoughtful services to anyone who wants to be sure to “get retirement right”!

Lyn helped me to focus on the practical aspects of retirement lifestyle planning, and now I know what I need to do to build a personal legacy. She builds trust and strong relationships with her clients, and we were able to objectively explore areas where more preparation was needed, so I can transition to be at my best in my next lifestage.

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