About Lyn Christenson

Lyn helps her clients make an impact through comprehensive retirement lifestyle plans.

Lyn Christenson

Certified Retirement Coach

Lyn Christenson is a certified retirement coach. She works with clients to build retirement lifestyle plans that capture their interests, skills and values, and to help them make an impact.  Lyn focuses on creating roadmaps for prospective or new retirees to fully engage in the next chapter of their lives. 

Lyn brings her clients decades of experience as a coach, team leader and storyteller.  Post-career professionals transitioning to their next life stage benefit from Lyn’s expertise in coaching and career advising, as well as her 25 years experience as a senior executive in Silicon Valley. Lyn directed communications teams for a number of leading life science companies from multinationals to startups, and was part of the global announcement team for the landmark mapping of the human genome. 

She also has extensive experience as a leadership coach and board member in the social venture sector and with nonprofit education and social services organizations.  Lyn serves on the Advisory Board for the Family Engagement Institute at Foothill College, and she has presented seminars on branding and communications for a range of nonprofits including SV2 and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri, an MBA from Pepperdine University, and coaching certifications from Retirement Options and Hudson Institute.

Your retirement may be longer than your primary career.
What can you do with this new chapter?
Just about anything – if you have a plan.

What is

Non-Financial Retirement Coaching?

Link with what you love – through retirement coaching. Many people develop a financial retirement plan, but stop there. Successful retirement planning starts with envisioning your new lifestyle – engaging in part time or volunteer work, maintaining health and wellness, choosing meaningful leisure activities, and more. 

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