You have a story to tell

We show you how

Create a collection of your favorite stories.
Make a valuable keepsake for your family.
Discover your personal legacy.

You are your family’s favorite storyteller. Take our memoir classes and we help you start writing.
We guide you through discovery and story creation. Save and share your memories.
Curious about the path your life could take now? Work with our coaches to consider your personal legacy. Our workshops help you plan.

We’re glad you’re here, ready to share your stories
and legacy with the next generation.

Help you get started

The next step


Help you get started

Essential Story Collection

Think your life is not that interesting?
Or that you are not a writer?

In our classes, we help you mine your personal history with curiosity. Look back to find important events, and create the essential story collection – a group of short essays about what these events meant to you. No writing experience required.

We start with a simple request – “tell me about yourself”.

Families and friends often appreciate these stories. It gives them a chance to know you when you were just starting out. Or balancing work, kids and grad school. You might be surprised how interesting your life becomes. And you open up new and meaningful conversations with kids and grandkids, well beyond the usual superficial chats. Learn More >

The next step

Legacy Story Collection

We work with you to complete an essential story collection and create an important family keepsake.

If you’d like to take the next step, we work together to expand your basic personal history collection through additional writing, focused on your personal legacy.

We know that people with continued purpose and meaning in their life live longer. Where do you start when building your career and raising a family are no longer your priority?

What are the important pivot points in your life? Recalling these “pillar” events – which many people may have forgotten – can give us a framework for thinking about the future. Learn More >


Discover your legacy,
invest your time for personal meaning

Creating a personal story collection can help you see where you’ve come from. Personal coaching can bring information, focus and clarity, with curated options as you decide your path forward.
Build an action plan for your next chapter. We work with you to create a personal nonfinancial retirement lifestyle plan that reflects your priorities and values.
Start with a validated assessment of retirement readiness and a series of one-on-one coaching sessions to set the stage.

Consider your retirement transition timeline, family dynamics and personal bucket list. We partner with you to get started. Sessions offered by video or phone. Learn More >