What will you do when
you retire?

Happiness is Planned

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I’m glad you’re here, thinking about your retired life
and ready to plan your future

Unfortunately, many people spend more time planning a vacation than planning for how to spend their time in retirement!
The road to happiness can be planned.

“What am I going to do when I retire?”

The average person has 25 years to fill post-retirement. What will you be doing? Let's find out!

Retirement Linkages focus on five key areas for retirement happiness

Jumpstart your next chapter with our unique building blocks for retirement. Create a roadmap that is visionary, practical, immediate and long-term.

Second Career

Recreate a post-career identity, with or without paid work

Many people dedicate years to building their careers. Switching off your work ethic can be difficult going into retirement.

Finding new hobbies, a new identity outside of work, ways to keep healthy – physically and mentally, building new community ties and importantly understanding what your legacy is – these are all aspects to consider when work is no longer your priority.

Lyn is a thoughtful listener whose approach to coaching is to build trust, listen carefully, elicit core values, and guide clients to a plan which best matches their own needs.

Board member and retired CEO, Medical Research Foundation

Enjoy Life

Build an enjoyable and meaningful leisure life

The one thing most people look forward to in retirement is more leisure time! Time to do what you please, each day.

However, we know people that experience continued purpose and meaning in their life live longer. Where do you start when building your career and raising a family are no longer your priority?

Stay Active

Stay healthy, enabling an active lifestyle

Good intentions without action are just that, intentions. Nearly 60% of retirees stop working earlier than planned. Health is the main reason. Staying mentally and physically active enables you to ‘age gracefully’ even with health issues.

Illness or mobility restrictions can affect you or your partner. Retirement Linkages has experience helping seniors find the activities that are right for them at the right time.

Let’s explore your options, you may be surprised at what you discover you love to do!

Lyn meets people where they are. Where did I want to live? Who did I want to spend time with? What personal legacy did I want to leave? I highly recommend Lyn’s thoughtful services to anyone who wants to be sure to “get retirement right”!

CEO Video Marketing Company


Strengthen and build sustaining relationships

As you progress through each stage of retirement life your relationships will change. Going from a working schedule to 24/7 companionship can be stressful. What happens when your friends all move to other states and you’re left behind?

Set a plan in place for today’s, and tomorrow’s, community.


Create a legacy, investing your time for personal meaning

How you prepare for each stage is personal. It’s energizing to contribute to making the world a better place as you build your career. Some retirees may worry that they will fade away in retirement. Planning to stay engaged helps avoid that!

Lyn helped me to focus on the practical aspects of retirement lifestyle planning, and now I know what I need to do to build a personal legacy. She builds trust and strong relationships with her clients, and we were able to objectively explore areas where more preparation was needed, so I can transition to be at my best in my next lifestage

President, Internet Media Company

Reaching retirement may lead you to ask, what is the best way to use my time, talent and resources?
I want to see a world where seniors feel valued, can contribute to and enjoy communities that care, and continue to find happiness in life as the years change.