Retirement Lifestyle Planning
Link with what you love.

Many people spend more time planning a vacation than their retirement.
What will retirement mean for you?

Learn more.  Take The Retirement Success Profile.

The RSP is a proprietary assessment of individual readiness in 15 areas contributing to a successful retirement.

Launch your transition with the RSP, plus personal retirement lifestyle coaching. This coaching approach goes beyond the financials to ask “how will you invest your time?”

You’ll investigate new work options, engaging leisure, creating a personal legacy and more.

That thing you’ve always wanted to do is closer than you think.

Avocations, leisure, health, relationships, legacy...

Jumpstart your next chapter with non-financial retirement lifestyle coaching.  Use these building blocks to create a roadmap that is both visionary and practical, long term and immediate. Take the RSP and kick off your journey today with Retirement Linkages.

Recreate a post-career identity, with or without paid work
Build an enjoyable and meaningful leisure life
Stay healthy, enabling an active lifestyle
Strengthen and build sustaining relationships
Create a legacy, investing your time for personal meaning